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MHRT – Mental Health Review Tribunal

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (known as the Tribunal or the MHRT) is an independent decision making body under the Mental Health Act. The Tribunal is not part of any health service or treating team and its primary purpose is to review the involuntary status of persons with a mental illness and/or intellectual disability. The Tribunal also provides approval for the performance of electroconvulsive therapy and non-ablative neurosurgical procedures.

In making its decisions, the Tribunal must balance the rights of the patient with the rights of others, including victims of unlawful acts, and the need to protect the community. Further, in exercising its jurisdiction the Tribunal must act independently and is not subject to direction or control by any entity, including any Minister.

Visit the MHRT Website for information about topics such as:

Information for families, carers and nominated support persons, including:


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Information for First Nation people and their supporters

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) considers cultural information to be an essential element of any review for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients.

The clinical reports required to be prepared by a patient’s treating team ahead of a scheduled review contain provision for information to be included about a person’s cultural background.

If a person identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, the treating team (including an Indigenous Mental Health Worker or Cultural Support Worker) should complete that section of the clinical report.

The MHRT and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People website has factsheets including:

  • Relevant information for the tribunal to know
  • Yarning sessions
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