Criminal Matters – Court Liaison and Forensic MH

What is the Court Liaison Officer?

One of its key roles is to assist the Magistrates Court determine if a person was, or appears to have been, of unsound of mind at the time of committing an alleged offence or is unfit for trial.

When should I see the Court Liaison Service?

If a person has been charged with an offence and have, or may have, a mental illness or intellectual disability, they may see the Court Liaison Service for an assessment.

Qld Health – Court Liaison Service Factsheet

What is forensic mental health?

Forensic orders are made for persons charged with a serious offence who are found of unsound mind at the time of an alleged offence or unfit for trial. Persons on a forensic order may be treated or cared for without consent and, if necessary, detained in an authorised mental health service (AMHS) or the Forensic Disability Service.

Qld Health – Forensic Orders Factsheet

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