Mental Health – Clinical Practice Guideline Links

Mental Health – Clinical Practice Guideline Links

Health professionals assess, diagnose and treat patients according to state, national and international guidelines.


Qld Health Policies & Guidelines

Chief Psychiatrist guidelines

Mental Health Act and Clinical Guidelines

Queensland Health Clinical Guidelines, Frameworks and MOUs

Clinical Knowledge Network Qld

This resource is available to subscribers who work in Qld public health sector

Resources for AHMS applications to MHRT


National Clinical Guideline Portal

Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

University of Adelaide, Treatment of Mental Disorders


American Psychiatric Association Psychiatric evaluation Guidelines (American)

US Guideline Psychiatric Summaries

This search engine collates clinical and practice guidelines from various sources both US and global

American Psychiatric Association Guidelines (Require Purchase)

Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults (America)

Educational Resources

Source of videos, articles and activities. Wide search engine but useful for specific areas such as procedure in relation to treatment or diagnosis of a specific illness


Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia – NHMRC and University of Sydney Full Report –

Recommendations –

Dementia Australia Clinical Tools and resources

Intellectual Disability

Qld Health Dual Diagnosis Guidelines – Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug (MHAOD)

Qld Health Clinical Guidelines – dual diagnosis (MHAOD) 2011

Qld Health Dual Diagnosis Policy (MHAOD) [2008 – Currently under review]

Mater Intellectual Disability and Autism Service (formerly QCIDD)  education, research, clinic

Dual diagnosis research (intellectual and mental health) – and

Australia & America use the DSM-V, please see: for a detailed explanation and list of different biological approach tests such as Chromosomal Micro-Array testing, testing chromosomes for gains and losses. presents a more user-friendly explanation.

Royal College of Psychiatrists ADHD & Autism Diagnosis Guidelines

In the UK, screening tests for learning disabilities are much more varied and many have not been tested in terms of the psychometric properties. i.e. the learning disability screening questionnaire however both are described as accurate in tests measuring sensitivity. Interestingly they do not require the user to have any particular training or professional background, so can be used as a self-report technique.

Mental Health problems in people with learning disabilities Source:

Brain Injury

Complex Needs Capable –  A practice resource for drug and alcohol services –

Brain Injury Australia (BIA)

ABIOS (Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service)
Research and Development –

National body for brain Injury in Australia –

Other Information

Older Adults

Article about screening for cognitive impairment of older adults Source –


Guidance on the use of ECT –

Criminal Justice

Mental Health of Adults in contact with the criminal justice system –

Delirium Guidelines

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